[Ardour-Users] Basic instructions-can't play imported audio

Thomas GH Dorsch info at pianowave.com
Tue Nov 27 09:23:13 PST 2007



As of now I knew only of the Jacklab Distro which is based on  
Suse10.2:  http://jacklab.net/jacklaborg/english/

And, of course I know of Planet CCRMA for Fedora

Well, I haven't really started yet, but I would appreciate your  

Are you using any of the audio-linux-distro's, and if so, what's the  
best "ready to go package"

Thanks a lot,

Be creative and genius!!!


PS. I use a AMD 2.1ghz 3000+ with 2GB ram, with a Delta 66 Omni

On Nov 27, 2007, at 9:50 AM, bradley newton haug wrote:

> Carla,
> in ardour you can set the outputs in the mixer window or hit Shift  
> + E to show the editor mixer (it will appear to the left),  at the  
> bottom it'll say 'output' you should click there and route it to  
> one of your outputs (or route master to your outputs and output the  
> track to master)
> let me know if this makes sense.  The input selector is at the top  
> of the strip, it works kind of the like the I/O section of a track  
> in PT.
> Linux is a very good pro audio platform once you get it stiched  
> up.  You mentioned Debian, have you heard of 64studio? It's a rather
> nice distro based on debian etch.. have a look at http://www. 
> 64studio.com
> If you are serious about using linux as a production platform I'll  
> be glad to point you in the right direction for further  
> information.  Which soundcard do you have?
> best
> bradley newton haug
> >>HI Bradley
> >>Yes I can play/hear audio via the jack via a headphone
> >>or if I have the speakers plugged in.
> >>Yes it created a track . Not sure about the outputs. I
> >>can see the imported audio in the track. Oh and it
> >>played in audacity when I imported the same audio.
> >>Althugh I am not able to record in audacity so I am
> >>looking at Kmix now for some type of solution.
> >>I have a pci soundcard and have disabled the onboard
> >>sound so this has always been a bit problematic wince
> >>I had Debian. I used to have windoze on this machine
> >>and Debian on another drive. Dual boot. But windoze
> >>stuffed up things so I am usinf Linux only now.
> >>Carla
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