[Ardour-Users] Basic instructions-can't play imported audio

bradley newton haug bradleyhaug at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 07:50:17 PST 2007


in ardour you can set the outputs in the mixer window or hit Shift + E to
show the editor mixer (it will appear to the left),  at the bottom it'll say
'output' you should click there and route it to one of your outputs (or
route master to your outputs and output the track to master)

let me know if this makes sense.  The input selector is at the top of the
strip, it works kind of the like the I/O section of a track in PT.

Linux is a very good pro audio platform once you get it stiched up.  You
mentioned Debian, have you heard of 64studio? It's a rather
nice distro based on debian etch.. have a look at http://www.64studio.com

If you are serious about using linux as a production platform I'll be glad
to point you in the right direction for further information.  Which
soundcard do you have?


bradley newton haug

>>HI Bradley
>>Yes I can play/hear audio via the jack via a headphone
>>or if I have the speakers plugged in.
>>Yes it created a track . Not sure about the outputs. I
>>can see the imported audio in the track. Oh and it
>>played in audacity when I imported the same audio.
>>Althugh I am not able to record in audacity so I am
>>looking at Kmix now for some type of solution.
>>I have a pci soundcard and have disabled the onboard
>>sound so this has always been a bit problematic wince
>>I had Debian. I used to have windoze on this machine
>>and Debian on another drive. Dual boot. But windoze
>>stuffed up things so I am usinf Linux only now.
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