[ardour-users] bcf2000 + ardour2.0.2 problems

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at doink.com
Tue May 29 14:27:59 PDT 2007

So fellas (Josh Parsons, John Moore Liles, Joe Hartley) each of you 
has some experience with the BCF2000 and ardour 2.0.2.  I'm wondering 
how you ended up connecting your MIDI paths between the BCF2000 and 
ardour?  Did you use QJackCtl?  I can't get any MIDI traffic from the 
BCF2000 to get to the input of ardour 2.0.2.

Did you follow the advice here:  http://ardour.org/node/737   ???
Did you put your BCF into "Logic Control" emulation mode, as detailed 
here:  http://www.behringerdownload.de/BCF2000/BCF2000_Emulation_modes.pdf

My BCF is in Logic Control mode.  Even with your issues, your 
experiences with your BCFs and ardour 2.0.2 are a bit better than 
mine.  So, I'd like to hear what your configuration is like.

Thanks much....

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