[ardour-users] bcf2000 + ardour2.0.2 problems

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Mon May 28 19:01:33 PDT 2007

On Tue, May 29, 2007, Josh Parsons wrote:
> Hi, all,
> I'm having a number of problems with my shiny new BCF2000 and ardour2.0.2.
> Some of these problems are hard to reproduce, so I'll describe some of
> the more reproducible ones and see if anyone can help me fix those.
> In Mackie mode, I find that the BCF's controls are unresponsive unless
> "mcu" is set as mcu / mtc / midi port from the midi page of the options
> window (i.e. twiddling ardour's faders with the mouse causes feedback on
> the BCF, but twiddling the BCF's faders doesn't affect ardour).  But
> that's clearly not how things are supposed to work, because if I do set
> mcu as a midi source, then after I restart ardour,
> I get the message "mcu already used as mmc port", and ardour won't
> enable Mackie support until I go into the midi page of the options
> window again and set "control" as mcu / mtc / midi port.

I had the same problem at one point, but I seem to recall it
vanishing after I added back in a "control" entry before
"mcu" in ardour.rc. But then I gave up on Mackie mode.

> Even working around that problem, I find I get a lot of crashes and
> segfaults with the BCF in Mackie mode.  The hardware on this machine is
> very stable, and ardour never crashes on me when not using the BCF.
> These problems are frequent, but hard to reproduce.
> In Generic midi mode, things are much more stable, but I find I can't
> bind the BCF's buttons to the record enable button of a track (record
> enable does not respond to ctrl-middle-mouse-button).

There have been recent changes here. I recall the toggle of
global rec-enable with generic MIDI behaving very strangely
and track rec-enable not working in the 2.0 release (it used
to work). I haven't played with it lately, though (went back
to good 'ol 0.99.3)

> Also (again difficulties reproducing this one) ardour sometimes (but not
> every time) apparently forgets the midi bindings in a load / save cycle.
>  That is, I've had a session with the faders and some effects bound to
> the BCF's controls in Generic mode, only to find that these bindings are
> lost when I load the next day.

Word to the wise, Ardour has always been plauged by memory
corruption issues which result in missing/invalid values in
the XML output. I've never lost MIDI bindings, though. 

> Finally - not really ardour's fault, but someone here may be able to
> help me - I find that rosegarden stomps on the BCF2000's faders
> (bringing them all up to 0) when it starts up. (This doesn't happen in
> Mackie emulation mode, only generic).  So if I am running ardour with
> the BCF in Generic mode, and then start rosegarden, the BCF's faders all
> zip to 0, and ardour gets confused and will no longer talk to the BCF.

Rosegarden is evil in that it's default behavior is to bind
to every ALSA MIDI port--you'll have to tell it not to. If
you'd like to use your BCF to control Ardour and Rosegarden
without them stepping on each other's toes, check out:
http://midipus.sf.net and http://asspatch.sf.net

May 28 2007,
John Moore Liles

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