[ardour-users] Ardour 2.0 and MCU

Thomas Desbarats thomas.desbarats at gmail.com
Wed May 16 00:10:36 PDT 2007

2007/5/16, Thomas Vecchione <seablaede at gmail.com>:
> Ok I am going to apologize as my internet access at the moment tends to
> be iffy at best so it may be a bit between updates.
> I am wondering if anyone has gotten Ardour working correctly with an
> actual Mackie Control Universal, instead of the behringer emulating it?
>   I ask because I just received a MCU and have it hooked up, and after a
> bit of work got it working in as far as it receives updates from Ardour
> and reflects it in the panning/faders/etc.  However Ardour seems to be
> receiving no updates from it, be it bank change requests, level(Fader)
> changes, panning changes, transport controls, whatever.  Nothing I do
> seems to affect this unfortunately.  A good direction on what to look
> for to fix would be appreciated if anyone has gotten it completely
> working.
> Because I am receiving the updates from Ardour correctly on the MCU I
> lean away from it being a setup issue on my end I don't believe, but
> could certainly be wrong.  I also have swapped cables etc and do not
> believe it to be a problem in the cables, though I suppose it could be a
> problem with the hardware as it is brand new.

Actually I do have the same problem with my BCF in MCU mode  and Ardour
since the 2.0 rc2 (2.0, 2.0.2) but it's working like a charm with 2.0 rc1. (
my midi connexions are OK  from bcf to mcu ardour port and reverse)

Does anyone have an idea why ?

I also checked to make sure the audio group, which my user is part of,
> has both read and write permissions to the device, and the MCU is in
> Mackie Control mode, though I did check both the HUI emulation mode and
> the Logic control mode as well, neither of those modes I could get to
> work.
> Thanks in advance.
>         Seablade
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