[ardour-users] Colours

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Tue May 1 04:24:49 PDT 2007


  I am using Ardour on a Fedora Core 6 system, x86_64 SMP.  I did an
upgrade this morning using kyum, from CCRMA.  Is it possible to make
the main record button bright red when it is ON ?  Presently it does
not change color when activated, which is a drag.

  Is it also possible to make the mute buttons for each track really
stand out when they are pressed ?  At the moment their color changes
from the regular grey to a shady grey-purple which is not easy to see.
The record buttons for each track also are showing this grey-purple
shade when activated, which is not intuitive or easy to see.

  I recall that with the previous version of Ardour (as I ran it last
year) these buttons were bright and easy to see when activated.

  I would like to mention that at first all entry fields in
Ardour2 were black on black, which makes it unusable.  There was a fix
to this and I applied it, eg. in KDE the 'apply KDE colors to all
applications' was checked off.

  I'm also wondering how much of a difference there can be between the
Ardour package as distributed by CCRMA and the official sources,
compiled directly by the user on the target machine.  I'd tend to think
not much.  Would compiling it myself solved these color problems ?

  Apart from that, great program !  



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