[ardour-users] Problems running jack and ardour on macbookpro and debian

Antonio Castellano stanzarossa at email.it
Thu May 10 16:26:26 PDT 2007

hito the list
first of all i have to say that ardour is the better program out there, 
and i say this after one year in a pro-pro-tools recording techniques 
school. it's simply more inteligent.
i've some problems with jack so i can't use ardour as i did last 2 years.
my new laptop is a macboo kpro, i've installed debian etch and a 2.6.21 
kernel with the rt1 patch, realtime lsm and rlimits(the kernel is the 
Debian multimedia linux_image), but everytime i try to launch jackd i 
got messages saying i don't have capabilities, i know that alsa driver 
or that soundcard is not perfect, as i can read on the web, but using 
only alsa with xmms everything works fine, capture of my soundcard isn't 
supported by the snd_hda_intel as on the debian wiki about macbook pros, 
is this possible that jackd doesn't work for the alsa driver? should i 
look for a new soundcard or the problem is somewhere else?

thanks a lot if someone can help me and sorry for the bad english (like 
every good italian;)

antonio castellano
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