[ardour-users] File Formats

David dplist at free.fr
Thu May 10 17:25:19 PDT 2007

On Fri, 11 May 2007 09:17:57 +1000
Mat Wall-Smith <mat at slashstarhash.com> wrote:

> I've just realized my sound library no longer imports to Ardour.
> It was mostly AIFF (legacy thing) - is it advisible/necessary to  
> convert to BWF now?
> If so can anyone recommend a batch convertor capable of dealing with  
> a large number of files.

IIRC ardour uses an out-of-tree version of libsndfile but I suppose it
should cope with the same file types as the official version, AIFF being
(of course) one of them. You must be facing a local bug or maybe it is a
regression in ardour but this sound unlikely to me, given Paul's
great skills.

If you really need a batch converter, try sndfile-convert (provided by
the sndfile-programs package on Debian).


PS: BTW, big up to Erik for providing us with libsndfile !


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