[ardour-users] How do you get sound in?

Neil Shaw neilshaw at mac.com
Fri Mar 30 18:41:56 PDT 2007

Okay now that the playhead seems to work, how do I get sound into  
ardour2 using the line in jack on my computer.

qjackctl lists the following connection items

dev/dsp and dev/dsp0: both of these items when activated in the  
Driver settings in setup will cause jack to error out with an error  
about not being able to get the device (OSS problem)

Oss: Jack will not load this as a Driver

Alsa: Jack loads this just fine as a Driver

hw 0,0: is the playback channel (this gets locked out of use if you  
have an audio cd playing in the drive)

hw 0,2: (I have not figured out what this one is yet but it is only  
available on the Input channel selection)

hw 0: this is available in both Input and playback channels, does not  
seem to affect anything.

When Ardour2 starts up qjackctl's patchbay will show all appropriate  
possible connections that Ardour has (Audio 1-1, Audio 1-2, Master 1,  
Master 2 etc.)

I have tried just about every possible configuration within  
qjackctl's patch bay to get sound input to Ardour but nothing works.  
Occasionally the meters will go high if the capture1 and capture2  
items are active in Ardours meter strip input section but the levels  
are static (right channel about double the strength of the left  
channel). When monitor1 and monitor2 are selected in the same section  
then there is no meter activity at all.

There is sound being piped in through line in (it is coming through  
the speakers)

Weird, any suggestions?



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