[ardour-users] noise during playback

Jordi Farran jordifarran at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 04:29:58 PDT 2007

Dear everybody

I have recently installed Ardour 2 on my PC. I want to use it to
record directly from the microphone input of my sound card (see
hardware details below).

I have tried it and everything seems to work fine, but there is one
problem: when I listen to the recorded audio (from Ardour), I get
irregular noises. I know it is strictly a playback problem (the noise
is not generated during recording), as the noise appears different
every time I listen to the same recorded audio. In addition, the
problem appears to increase when I move or maximize a window, etc...).
It is quite bothering for editing purposes!!!

Does anybody have the same problem? Any suggestion is welcome! I am
wondering if it can be a software configuration problem, or maybe a
video card issue (as the noise increases when working or moving
windows on the desktop).

I am using Debian Etch linux on:
Proc. & MB: Intel Core 2 Duo on ASUS P5B
Sound card: Terratec DMX6Fire
Video card: ASUS EN7600GS (nVidia)

I use Ardour on Gnome 1.14, and there is no audio apps open other than
Jack, Ardour and Envy24 Control Panel (the ALSA control panel for my
sound card).

Thank you very much.

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