[ardour-users] [ANN] Mackie MCU, BCF2000 and Tranzport testers wanted

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Wed Mar 21 06:57:14 PDT 2007

John Anderson wrote:
> I tend to use marker next/previous a lot more than ffwd/rew, but I have
> no idea how that applies to the rest of the world.
> ...
> I'm interested to hear other ideas of how the button layout should work.

It is probably hard to find a layout which fits everyone's needs. I am
using ardour mainly for recording/editing of classical music, no
overdubbing and similar, and ffwd/rew is really useful for me (although
jumping to next/previous marker sounds great also, never used it before
;-) ).

A possible extensio could be to map home/end via shift1, and put
rew/ffwd on the same buttons without shift. Or use shift1+loop /
shift1+click for rew/ffwd, this is possible to reach with only one hand
(shift1+previous/next is hard to reach).

Anyway, it is great not to configure the bindings for each new project,
and multi-channel controls work much better with MCU surface mode than
with plain midi bindings. Thanks again!


>> and is it possible to change it as a user?
> Not at the moment.
>> About the "Known Issues": The panning did not work for stereo tracks,
>> while it works fine for mono tracks. (I have no idea what is the best
>> way to pan a multi-channel stream using one pan pot...)
> Me neither ;-)
> bye
> John

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