[ardour-users] Basic editing for a newbie

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Tue Mar 20 04:33:09 PDT 2007

Quoting John Emmas <johne53 at tiscali.co.uk>:

> Hi guys,
> Although I've posted here before, I only got around to using Ardour
> seriously a week or so ago.  What I need to know is probably in the
> manual
> somewhere but I did look and I couldn't find it.  My question is just
> about
> very basic editing.
> Let's say I've recorded a piece of music which has an intro lasting
> (approx)
> 10 seconds.  I want to remove that intro and tidy up the edit.  I'd
> imagine
> that there would be 3 stages to this, namely:-
> 1) Make a cut in the audio, approximately 10 seconds from the beginning.
> 2) Remove the unwanted 10 sec segment.
> 3) Tidy up the front of the wanted segment (i.e. edit it more precisely,
> maybe add a fade-in etc).
> Can someone just take me through those basic steps?

I would do this by:
1) Select all the regions that just were recorded (regions are the boxes on
the canvas) by either ctrl-clicking on each region or via a "rubber band"
selection (dragging a selection rectangle starting the drag from an empty
place on the timeline of a track).

2) Place the mouse on the left side of the region header (the colorful box
on the bottom of each region which holds the name of the region) - the
cursor should change to the "trim" cursor

3) Drag the start of the region to where i want it

You can zoom in more closely to do the operation

On the contrary to what Jaan Pullerits said, I claim that ardour is /the/
tool to do this! While Ardour never deletes  the trimmed part from the disk
or does permanent "red pen" editing to the waveform, this is exactly the
sort of operation ardour is meant to do.


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