[ardour-users] Basic editing for a newbie

Jaan Pullerits suva at surnuaed.ee
Tue Mar 20 02:55:44 PDT 2007

> 1) Make a cut in the audio, approximately 10 seconds from the beginning.
> 2) Remove the unwanted 10 sec segment.
> 3) Tidy up the front of the wanted segment (i.e. edit it more precisely,
> maybe add a fade-in etc).

Well ardour is not really a tool for this kind of things. You should use
audacity instead.


1) Import audio to one stereo track
2) Move mouse over the segment lower coloured border.
3) Drag it do right (which trims the segment)
4) For fadeout you will notice a small square tick in upper left corner 
of segment. Move it in desired position, and you will get the fadein.
5) Export audio.

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