[ardour-users] Hammerfal woes-

david headon davidheadonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 14 07:34:22 PDT 2007

Hey all,

I have an RME hdsp 9652 PCI bus with expansion card. 
I bought this on its linux friendly-high spec merits.
i recently got an octopre-le for ADAT I/O.
i have found that i have to run the mixer to get the card working, but that a short while after the octopre is switched on it will crash ( the mixer- goes haywire! ).
also, if you boot with the octopre-le switched on, the mixer starts up then chashes as before.
i have heard in forums that RME have not been too quick on the mixer updates
Is this a problem with the particular version of the mixer?
Also, after shutting the mixer, i can start jack and see all the hdsp connections,
then launch Ardour, and violla, the audio arrives intact, and actually soudning rather good.
THEN, the gui or something freeezes the Xsession solid, and i can't even escape to a prompt using ctrl-alt-f1.

i have high hopes both for octopre-le and Hammerfall, but i keep having to restart ( hard  shutdown ) when this happens.
i've poked around with jack settings to see if it's memmory or whatever.
I know i need more ram, but i think there may be a driver/gui issue of some kind .



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