[ardour-users] Some questions about fades

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Sun Jun 17 06:23:38 PDT 2007

John Emmas wrote:
> I have a couple of questions about timeline fades:-
> 1)  If I grab and drag the top left-hand corner of a timeline clip it seems
> to apply a fade-in which is represented by a diagonal line.  Sometimes the
> area above the diagonal line is shaded and sometimes it isn't.  Is there any
> significance to the shading?  i.e. why do some clips get the shading when
> others don't?
the shaded ones are active, the others not.
right click on the fade gives a choose about activate/deactivate and 
about the shape of the fade

> 2)  How (or rather, where) is the actual length of the fade-in represented
> in a session-state file?  I assumed that there might be an entry in the
> appropriate clip's region but I can't see anything obvious.
look into menu -> windows -> option editor -> layers and fades (or 
simply press 'ctrl + o'), perhaps it is what you are looking for.
> 3)  How is the length of the clip calculated?  Is it just simply the number
> of samples between the start of the fade-in and the end of the fade-out?
> Thanks,
> John
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