[Ardour-Users] Stability and Session Errors

Mark Jones mdjones0978-ardour at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 24 10:20:54 PDT 2007

> > I have a ton of other issues which I can't reliably reproduce; I'm
> > really struggling to get any work done because of frequent crashes,
> > sometimes breaking the session or history files.  Any number of things
> > can lead to a crash, such as hitting Ctrl-Z to undo an action, moving
> > one or more regions in the timeline, or creating a snapshot.  I'd like
> > to help to get these problems fixed, I guess the best way would be
> > finding ways to consistently reproduce them and continue to submit bug
> > reports?

We too are having a lot of session destruction going on.  And what's worse is once any single
session gets hosed, if you don't exit before opening another session will cause it to be hosed as
well. (I know this should NOT be possible).  Problem is I haven't figure out exactly what is
causing it, nor have I figured a good way to reproduce it.  Lots of time we have 3 hours or more
into the session using touch controls when it all goes to hell, so pinpointing what is doing isn't
easy.  We aren't using looping, we are moving regions, it's all live recording work that is being

We have yet to do one single nights recording where one of our sessions has not been destroyed by
this gremlin, (we've only done 3 of them) and our most recent experience killed 2 sessions.

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