[ardour-users] Short question concerning quality

Dennis Herber DennisMail at gmx.net
Fri Jul 13 00:06:31 PDT 2007

Well, it also happened to me sometimes that I overread important information, so your answer is not "stupid" to me, this simply sometimes happens. So don´t care about this ;)

What concerns the issue: I just bought a very simple creative usb soundcard yesterday, as I only have to use this very rarely. Unfortunately, we had only short time yesterday, so no real soundcheck was possible and therefor, I didn´t have the time to read through the manual how to make jackd use the usb card (that was perfectly recognized by my linux laptop), so I just used the line in of the internal Intel card and so now, I guess I have that strange noise over 1,5 hours of recording. But as this is only for internal use, I guess that although it´s not a good solution, it´s acceptable.

But now I´m looking for a better solution, as the laptop one is really only for quick setups without any soundcheck etc. In future, I want to set up with a mixer that is somehow connected to a dedicated desktop machine for recording. I´m still no millionaire, so the less money I have to spend, the better. As I have to mix the front of house sound for live anyhow, I just planned to buy a little mixing desk and from it, get the sound into the PC. Midi is not really needed for this, as we´re doing musicals with live bands and I think that if any of the musicians need midi functions, he should realize it on its own.

Any suggestions for mixing desks and soundcards for what I want to archive?

Dennis Neumeier

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> Ignore stupid man(me) that didn't read your statement about not wanting to
> buy a high end;)
> There are audio interface ranging from about $80USD to $300USD or so that
> you could look at depending on what you want it to do.  I would check the
> Alsa soundcard matrix as well as the freebob supported devices list.  I
> believe the MAudio transit is supported and is probably one of your
> cheaper
> bets for decent quality, so that might make a good starting point.  But it
> all depends on the feature set you are looking for.
>             Seablade
> On 7/12/07, Thomas Vecchione <seablaede at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Now on to the other points in the message, built in audio cards in
> laptops
> > are reknown for being crappy quality and poorly shielded from the rest
> of
> > the system, if at all(Usually not) and thus pick up a fair amount of
> noise.
> > There are a fair few choices for replacements, the RME Multiface or
> Digiface
> > is probably what I would reccomend, but may not be in your budget, so
> > possibly posting up a budget range might help folks make a
> reccomendation?
> >
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