[ardour-users] A decent sound card for Ardour

Matthew Hiscock audio at bootlegsounds.com
Wed Jan 3 09:31:34 PST 2007

I moved from a M-Audio Delta 66 to an RME 9632 and immediately  
noticed a whole world of treble that I'd been missing.

Also, because the card handles (most? all? a part of?) the audio  
engine, the computer (at that time, a G4) was a touch more stable,  
and much more responsive with big projects in Cubase. I'm sure the  
same thing would apply to Ardour, though I don't have the 66 now to  
do the comparison.

Everything about the card just seems professional. Even to the point  
of the ugly-but-super-functional-and-stable mixing software.

I had to juggle around my RME and UAD-1 cards in terms of which slot  
they are in to get them to work optimally on my G5 but now everything  
pretty much rock solid (knock on wood).


On 3-Jan-07, at 10:35 AM, Christopher Boggs wrote:

> Yeah the RME stuff is not cheap at all, but it's high quality...
> Just a note, I don't own one, but was warned not to expect much  
> quality out
> of the preamps (XLR mic inputs) on the 1010LT...I think it was  
> someone on
> this very same list that mentioned that when I was researching  
> which card to
> buy.  I'm still trying to get my hands on a used 1010....
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>> RME HDSP series cards have hdspmixer which offers the same general
>> h/w specific control, except for 18-26 channels. its a slicker  
>> tool, too.
> I'm glad you mentioned RME Paul - I'd never even heard of them!  They
> seem to be making excellent cards from what I can see on their web
> site - but they're not cheap...! ;-)
> John
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