[ardour-users] A decent sound card for Ardour

Steven Chamberlain steven at pyro.eu.org
Tue Jan 2 22:48:36 PST 2007

Brett Clark wrote:
> I use a Delta 1010, its the same as the 1010LT except for the breakout
> box that puts the AD/DA converters away from the computer.

I feel I should point out that the 1010LT has all unbalanced I/O.  The
Delta 1010 does have the external rackmount breakout box containing the
converters, but that also provides balanced TRS jacks.  That's exactly
why I chose the 1010 over a 1010LT.

I'm more than happy with my Delta 1010 for Ardour.  I've had many
latency issues and jack xruns to deal with, but I imagine it would have
been the  same with any other sound card.  The ice1714 driver itself has
never given me any problems.

Also there's envy24control in the ALSA tools package, which gives most
of the functionality present in the Windows driver and is occasionally
useful.  I imagine a lot of other multichannel cards will lack this.

I would recommend this is a decent sound card for Ardour, and I'm
considering buying a second one in the near-future since they can be
sync'd using the word-clock I/O.

I've drooled over other multichannel sound cards in the past but I often
wonder if Linux drivers for it would be as good as the ice1714 driver,
or even exist at all.

Steven Chamberlain
steven at pyro.eu.org

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