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Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Tue Feb 27 10:05:18 PST 2007

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Mat Wall-Smith wrote:

> It doesn't sound like it'd be too hard for someone to come up with a
> video option for Ardour and OSX.

no, it's mostly details to worry about.

> (but its is well beyond me I am afraid)  - I don't need a video track -
> that is bling- but I do need video sync/playback.

I guess the easiest option to get a mac setup quickly is to use the free
os9-version of pro-tools and MTC sync with ardour...

If you have the option of using an external machine: to give you an
idea: my home studio includes a broken diskless/keyboardless- PIII
500MHz laptop (<$20) (source file on USB stick or network, 480x360
movies display nice in fullscreen at 25 to 30 fps in sync with both MTC
or net-jack;  I wanted to document this home-brew installation; but
maybe you're faster to hiJACK any PC with 64studio or jacklab,...

I could PM you my binary xjadeo builds, but you'd still need the
fink.sf.net libs. - I succeeded in a static build (avformat, avcodec)
but that makes the binary > 40 MB and still uses X11.

Please feel free to play xjadeo advocate on osX developer lists for us:
It can't be too hard for any osX-developer to make a dmg package, if
there's already one for jack, mplayer or ardour.

I've only got regular access to an old iMac for x-browser-compat tests:
it takes overnight to compile ffmpeg on that machine and it's no fun to
do serious development! sf's compile farm has shut down, too! but I'll
stop complaining and  get back to be a happy debian gnu/Linux user -
maybe you should try Ubuntu for Mac?

If someone can dig out an example app and build-environement from
We'll gladly branch xjadeo using an osX RGB or YUV mac rendering
example! - It should be easy to make a Cocoa (native osX) version of
Xjadeo! - RGB seems easy but I'd guess it  becomes tedious supporting
different binary-fmt color-spaces.

> I understand that ardour dev has other priorities....but I just need
> this one little thing....

I guess that's how Luis felt when he came up with the first xjadeo years
ago!! and the source clearly channels "..but I just need one more little
thing." :)

I'm no ardour developer, although the idea of getting more involved
hovers on the edge of my ToDo list for ages, too.

I've posted this somewhere before, but not here: In the long I'm
planning to split off the decoder and re-implement xjadeo as video-jack
application, with a glib and XV display. the OSD will become a
video-filter, etc. - it will retain the MTC sync source, although I
don't exactly know how just yet. There'll hopefully be more gstreamer
spirit, soon - but ffmpeg still provides lowest latency.

xjadeo development is still highly driven by User's needs and kludges
code rather then providing a documented API. - the usual FOSS clean-up
clock skew rules apply. - nevertheless we've done production testing for
various framerates and file-formats (code included in the contrib/
folder) and started on docbooking user-resources, on which we place a
higher values than pending source-code doc.

although many intended features are working, we're far from a
xjadeo-v1.0 release!

- - anyone feel free to contribute at any level of cooperation: ideas,
website, mailing-list, doxygen-framework, proof-read and extend docs,
logos, source-patches, bug-reports, critics,...

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