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Thanks Robin,

Late reply was granted given I left the subject blank.
I figured as much from trawling the internets for OSX  and xjadeo.

It doesn't sound like it'd be too hard for someone to come up with a  
video option for Ardour and OSX.
(but its is well beyond me I am afraid)  - I don't need a video track  
- that is bling- but I do need video sync/playback.

I understand that ardour dev has other priorities....but I just need  
this one little thing....


On 23/02/2007, at 4:14 AM, Robin Gareus wrote:

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> Mat Wall-Smith wrote:
>> Hi All..
>> Has anyone been using Xjadeo to do post work with Ardour on OSX?
> sorry for the late reply: yes.
>> Just realized Paul had responded to my query on CDM about an Ardour
>> Video Track taking a while to happen.
>> He replied that the perception was a video track was just 'Bling' and
>> that Pro's seemed to prefer the Xjadeo option.
> Wow! wonder how he pronounced xjadeo :-)
> modern slang trends are perfectly allright, but historically xjadeo's
> Jack was a Spaniard pronouncing the Dutch "G" like in the Inglish "ch"
> in Loch Ness !  there's even some chinese warrior tale featuring  
> xjadeo
> but we are not sure about that pronounciation back then and lost the
> documentation - anyway thanks Paul for supporting the xjadeo-way and
> making it all possible in the first place!
>> So I was wondering if people had got this working on OSX or  
>> not....is it
>> functional??
> functional about sums it up.
>> If thats the case can anyone make a Xjadeo build for OSX available?
> we're about to eventually release xjadeo 0.4.0 -there are still some
> minor issues, but it'll be this week!
> Maybe someone can make a .dmg, I do not know how. - you might be  
> able to
> build a .deb package for fink.sf.net from the xjadeo source, I have  
> not
> yet tried.
> I managed to run it on osX 10.4.8 with latest ffmpeg-svn just  
> yesterday.
> but the performance is poor (imlib1 + X11 G3 500MHz -> 5fps @ 160x120
> 50% cpu and quite some latency depending on the codec.) - compare  
> to an
> old Piii 500MHz taht does 25fps fullscreen, XV via network remote  
> or MTC
> sync :-)
> It took me about 2 hours to get all  libs in order to compile ffmpeg:
> http://mir.dnsalias.com/wiki/oss:xjadeo:osx and I would not recommend
> you to do it unless you've typed "make" into an osX-terminal before or
> wanna spend > 1 day setting up the Xcode, etc..
> It can't be too hard to make xjadeo and Cocoa app that displays RGB  
> (or
> even YUV?) frames. maybe we can borrow from mplayer, VLC,  
> gstreamer, but
> we lack time and hardware to do proper development on OSX ATM! feel  
> free
> to join.
> #robin
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