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Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Thu Feb 22 09:14:41 PST 2007

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Mat Wall-Smith wrote:
> Hi All..
> Has anyone been using Xjadeo to do post work with Ardour on OSX?

sorry for the late reply: yes.

> Just realized Paul had responded to my query on CDM about an Ardour
> Video Track taking a while to happen.
> He replied that the perception was a video track was just 'Bling' and
> that Pro's seemed to prefer the Xjadeo option.

Wow! wonder how he pronounced xjadeo :-)

modern slang trends are perfectly allright, but historically xjadeo's
Jack was a Spaniard pronouncing the Dutch "G" like in the Inglish "ch"
in Loch Ness !  there's even some chinese warrior tale featuring xjadeo
but we are not sure about that pronounciation back then and lost the
documentation - anyway thanks Paul for supporting the xjadeo-way and
making it all possible in the first place!

> So I was wondering if people had got this working on OSX or not....is it
> functional??

functional about sums it up.

> If thats the case can anyone make a Xjadeo build for OSX available?

we're about to eventually release xjadeo 0.4.0 -there are still some
minor issues, but it'll be this week!

Maybe someone can make a .dmg, I do not know how. - you might be able to
build a .deb package for fink.sf.net from the xjadeo source, I have not
yet tried.

I managed to run it on osX 10.4.8 with latest ffmpeg-svn just yesterday.
but the performance is poor (imlib1 + X11 G3 500MHz -> 5fps @ 160x120
50% cpu and quite some latency depending on the codec.) - compare to an
old Piii 500MHz taht does 25fps fullscreen, XV via network remote or MTC
sync :-)

It took me about 2 hours to get all  libs in order to compile ffmpeg:
http://mir.dnsalias.com/wiki/oss:xjadeo:osx and I would not recommend
you to do it unless you've typed "make" into an osX-terminal before or
wanna spend > 1 day setting up the Xcode, etc..

It can't be too hard to make xjadeo and Cocoa app that displays RGB (or
even YUV?) frames. maybe we can borrow from mplayer, VLC, gstreamer, but
we lack time and hardware to do proper development on OSX ATM! feel free
to join.

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