[ardour-users] Yet another Sound Card question..

Eric eric at rhythminmind.net
Fri Feb 16 06:16:22 PST 2007

So i see gadget labs cards are on the list in the web site..

    * the RME Hammerfall and Hammerfall DSP interfaces (PCI and cardbus
    * All Midiman Delta interfaces (66, 1010, etc)
    * Most Midiman USB interfaces
    * Most AudioScience cards
    * The Soundblaster Extigy and Audigy
    * Echo Darla24, Gina24, Layla24, Mia, and Mona
    * *Gadget Labs interfaces*
    * All Roland/Edirol USB interfaces
    * Most Terratec interfaces
    * Most Yamaha USB interfaces
    * Almost all builtin audio interfaces for laptops and desktop
      systems, including those from Intel, Via and SiS (note: these do
      not generally provide particularly good audio quality, and in some
      cases are very poor).

Anyone actually using them?  There not known working card in the alsa 
database...  I'm part of the comunity that made an XP driver for these 
cards http://gadgetlabs.org . But i would love to use them with ardour 
in a nix setup..

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