[ardour-users] Decent sound card for ardour, etc.

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Fri Feb 9 07:31:09 PST 2007

I agree with the person who said that instead of switching
distributions fix the problem.  I went to Debian trying to get a Demudi
install working on my system.   They are having problems with squatters
on their domain and getting the deb files is hit and miss at best at
the moment (like last week).   

I went back to Ubuntu,   and
found there was a gap.  The same gap by the way existed in Debian. 
Firmware is not something that either the packagers or ALSA tends to
worry that much about.   I sent an email to the Ubuntu repository
yesterday stating that there is this gap.  Everything installs for my
card,   an older one,   but you have to go to ASLA and get the
firmware,   AND know how to install it. 

There are no
instructions on how to properly install it.  "Read the Kernel how
to".   Meanwhile it says if you have soundcore you don't need to
compile.   What?   Yup.   So limbo land for those who have a proper
ALSA install (Ubuntu, Debian)  and just need to know where to put the

would be a lot easier if there was a project that just dealt with
making available firmware a deb package or installable in a less
cryptic way. 

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