[ardour-users] question about some features

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Fri Feb 9 07:19:42 PST 2007

hi list,
i am not sure, if it is possible at all to apply the features i request, 
also i don´t know what other users would think about, that´s why i put 
it first here, before making a request in the tracker.

i think, it would be useful, if a channel is selected, i could press 
"ctrl-alt-m" to mute, "ctrl-alt-s" to  solo and "ctrl-alt-r" to 
record-ready the track!?

would it make sense for you??

another issue is, that when i press "arrow-down" in the editor, the hole 
screen will be scrolled down. would it be possible / make sense, that 
the scrolling is happening in another way, lets say if a channel1 is 
selected, i press the "arrow-down" key one time - the channel 2 gets 
so i could scroll down the screen too, but on that place (channel) i 
stop scrolling down/up the new channel is selected. this was realy not 
easy for me to explain - hope that somebody get it?!
the similar behavior i would expect in the mixer window, we should use 
"arrow-left/right" to scroll trough the mixer, so we don´t need to use 
the mouse to change from ch1 to ch25!

pleas give me some feedback, on what you think about this issues!


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