[ardour-users] more mixdown question

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 03:29:44 PST 2007

Hi again

I decided to go for the "record all audio to stereo track and merge the 
two mono files to stereo externally"-solution. However one of my 
projects behave a little strange: The audio files are generated just 
fine, but I don't see any waveform during recording. When the recording 
has finished no waveform is displayed on the mixdown track, and (as a 
result) the track is silent if I try to play it back.

The mixdown stereo track has input from master-out 1/2 and no output.

Another weird thing, that's rather annoying when trying to automatically 
merge the latest two mono files to stereo from a script: In this 
particular project if the latest mixdown recordings are named 
"mixdown-4%L.wav" and "mixdown-4%L.wav" I also have "mixdown-5%L.wav" 
"mixdown-5%L.wav" which seems to be automatically generated and always 
seem to have size 700 bytes. Why are those extra 700 byte .wav's created 
and is there a way to simply have the latest recording be the latest in 
the naming sequence (mixdown-4%L.wav" and "mixdown-4%L.wav")?

peace, love & harmony

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