[ardour-users] Decent sound card for ardour, etc.

Nicola Mattei foxdalailama at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 09:05:16 PST 2007

> There are no instructions on how to properly install it.  "Read the Kernel
> how to".   Meanwhile it says if you have soundcore you don't need to
> compile.   What?   Yup.   So limbo land for those who have a proper ALSA
> install (Ubuntu, Debian)  and just need to know where to put the firmware.
> It would be a lot easier if there was a project that just dealt with making
> available firmware a deb package or installable in a less cryptic way.
Are you meaning

apt-get install alsa-firmware-loaders?

the short description of this package:

ALSA software loaders for specific hardware
A collection of software loaders for specific hardware:

 cspctl - Sound Blaster 16 ASP/CSP control program
 hdsploader - firmware loader for the RME Hammerfall DSP cards
 mixartloader - firmware loader for Digigram's miXart board sound drivers
 pcxhrloader - firmware loader for Digigram pcxhr compatible soundcards
 sscape_ctl - SoundScape control utility and firmware loader
 usx2yloader - firmware loader for Tascam USX2Y USB soundcards
 vxloader - firmware loader for Digigram VX soundcards

Maybe if you don't know it exists doesn't mean that it actually doesn't.
Synaptic is your friend

Hope It helps,

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