[ardour-users] A decent sound card for Ardour

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Feb 9 07:27:26 PST 2007

On Fri, 2007-02-09 at 14:30 +0000, John Emmas wrote:
>  But I suspect
> now that I've probably got 1 set of sound drivers running the Hammerfall
> card and another set still trying to run my on-board sound chip.  It's this
> kind of thing that frustrates me so much about Linux.  Any decent driver
> installer would make sure that there was only 1 set of drivers installed for
> each device - but at various times I've had multiple drivers trying to
> control my broadband modem and even my graphics card!!

I have never, ever come across any mention of such a situation in all
the years I have used Linux. The closest thing I can think is where
people take it upon themselves to build their own kernels, their own
kernel modules, and then manually insert certain modules (drivers)
without regard for what the rest of the system wants to do. But even
that will not work - each driver reserves certain resources needed to
control the card, and a second driver will fail to allocate them. 

i don't know why you think there are multiple drivers competing to
control your broadband modem (btw - what system has a broadband modem
installed inside ?) or your graphics card.

there is *one* driver for your RME card. one and one only. its either
loaded or its not. please paste the output of /sbin/lspci | grep RME so
that i can tell if your issues are actually a result of the firmware
revision level of your RME hardware.

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