[ardour-users] A decent sound card for Ardour

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Feb 9 06:30:17 PST 2007

Thanks guys,

Dual booting works fine for me.  In fact, I can boot into Win2K, XP,
Windows 98, Ubuntu and OpenSuse - and I still have a free partition
that I'll probably use for Vista (once I know it works!!)

Also, I just burned a live CD of Apodio.  First impressions are that it
looks absolutely dreadful (sorry to all those who recommended it...!) - but
fair's fair, I only loaded it 5 minutes ago....  it might seem a bit better
once I've figured out the (very uninviting) user interface!!

Sampo - my gut instinct with Ubuntu tells me that the funny little speaker
icon is probably trying to control my on-board audio chip.  I think that
this is probably the problem.  When I installed my Hammerfall card I didn't
specifically uninstall any drivers that were already there.  No sound was
previously working so I assumed that no drivers were loaded.  But I suspect
now that I've probably got 1 set of sound drivers running the Hammerfall
card and another set still trying to run my on-board sound chip.  It's this
kind of thing that frustrates me so much about Linux.  Any decent driver
installer would make sure that there was only 1 set of drivers installed for
each device - but at various times I've had multiple drivers trying to
control my broadband modem and even my graphics card!!

Apodio (currently) is running at a refresh rate that my new flat panel LCD
can't handle so I've had to go back to my old CRT which is now sitting
underneath my desk.  If anyone can tell me how to adjust the screen settings
for Apodio I might try that at the weekend too.



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> On 9 Feb 2007 at 23:38, Andrew Johnston murmured decisively:
>> Sorry to hear that John.  I remember when I first moved over to linux I
>> was
>> tempted on many an occasion to go back.  However I chose not too, mostly
>> because I remembered all the reasons why I wanted to leave it in the
>> first
>> place!  I became determined to make it work, and eventually I got there.
>> It
>> might be worth running a dual boot windows/linux until you can find a
>> distro
> hmmm.  I tried dual boot.  didn't work for me at all.  since all the stuf
> I commonly used was already working in the old W98 environment, Ijust
> booted that and used it.  I'd boot Slackware now and then to play
> asteroids (-:
> my new machine has FC5.  my old machine has W98.  I am using them both
> whiel I set up the Linux box, when it is ready, the W98 box will get
> rebuilt.  if I can find more RAM for it, it will get FC5 too, otherwise
> back to W98 for the kids to play with
> so, my advice is to use 2 machines, not dual booting.
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