[Ardour-Users] Waveforms still refusing to appear

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Mon Dec 17 09:23:56 PST 2007

Waveforms keep disappearing, and refusing to come back. It's kind of pointless trying to edit audio in a GUI when you can't see the waveform. It's like going back to the old days of scrubbing tape against the tape head to try to find the edit point. I guess in an emergency I could do that... oh wait, I can't scrub because I use jack transport. Pfui.

I found a workaround yesterday by normalizing a region, that forced the waveform to redraw. But that only worked on one project. Today I'm working on a different project, and the normalizing trick is not working.

Ardour really *really* doesn't like it when embedded audio files get moved around or renamed. If that happens once, then Ardour will never again recover from it. However, moving files around is something I have to do, a lot, in order to compress my sessions to save disk space. I also have to rename and move files as I reorganize projects too.

It'd also be nice if there was some way to "repatriate" audio files that Ardour can't find, i.e. to keep all the regions as they are but tell Ardour to go find the embedded audio somewhere else. And, I wish it either had a way to redraw waveforms if they're missing, or a way I could force it to do that!


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