[Ardour-Users] Compile GTK+ error with Ardour trunk 2787 on Gentoo: GtkToolbar

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Dec 17 04:50:22 PST 2007

On Mon, 2007-12-17 at 03:26 +0100, Jesse Tijnagel wrote:
> This is how compiling Ardour with SVN main trunk 2787 ends for me:
> libs/gtkmm2/gtk/gtkmm/toolbar.cc: In member function 'Gtk::Tooltips*
> Gtk::Toolbar::get_tooltips_object() const':
> libs/gtkmm2/gtk/gtkmm/toolbar.cc:560: error: 'const struct
> _GtkToolbar' has no member named 'tooltips'
> scons: *** [libs/gtkmm2/gtk/gtkmm/toolbar.os] Error 1
> scons: building terminated because of errors.
> localhost ardour2787 #
> If i 'Google' about this, all i can find is that this bug is fixed
> with gtk+-2.12.1, but i try to compile Ardour on Gentoo with
> gtk+-2.12.1-r2 and still it happens. Where can i find info about how
> to fix this problem? Thanks in advance,

Give up for now. 

Trunk got broken several weeks ago, and the developer who did so hasn't
fixed it. Meanwhile, nobody else has had the time to clean up.

There's no ETA for a fix, just stick with the branches/2.0-ongoing
branch for now.


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