[Ardour-Users] Compile GTK+ error with Ardour trunk 2787 on Gentoo: GtkToolbar

Jesse Tijnagel transformatorhuis at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 18:26:13 PST 2007

This is how compiling Ardour with SVN main trunk 2787 ends for me:

libs/gtkmm2/gtk/gtkmm/toolbar.cc: In member function 'Gtk::Tooltips*
Gtk::Toolbar::get_tooltips_object() const':
libs/gtkmm2/gtk/gtkmm/toolbar.cc:560: error: 'const struct
_GtkToolbar' has no member named 'tooltips'
scons: *** [libs/gtkmm2/gtk/gtkmm/toolbar.os] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.
localhost ardour2787 #

If i 'Google' about this, all i can find is that this bug is fixed
with gtk+-2.12.1, but i try to compile Ardour on Gentoo with
gtk+-2.12.1-r2 and still it happens. Where can i find info about how
to fix this problem? Thanks in advance,


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