[Ardour-Users] OSX crashes.can't save

Juan Aboites jaboit at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 09:52:07 PST 2007

Hello list.

I'm using Ardour 2.1 with X11 on OS X. I've been experiencing some 
crashes and general weirdness on a fairly large session with several 

While working on one particular snapshot Ardour crashes just as 
recording begins. After starting up and choosing to utilize crash data 
Ardour crashes again. After starting up again, the session loads with 
the following error /

[WARNING]: Session: XML state has no click section. /

At this point, all of the displayed tracks are without inputs or 
outputs. A short time later after/while manually adding one input and 
two outputs for mono (and connecting them to the coreaudio out and 
master ins respectively) for each track, I get the following error:

 /SndFileSource: cannot open file 
for read+write (System error.)

/Then, when trying to save:
[ERROR]: state could not be saved to 

So I quit without saving, reopen, and continue working as normal with 
the following error when i try to save:

/ERROR]: Could not open 
as copy. /

Since my changes are being saved, and it's only the backup file that's 
not working, I've just been ignoring this last error. However, this 
whole cycle has repeated itself about three times. I'm not sure what 
causes it to begin in the first place, or what causes it to advance to 
the next error. I've tried replacing the text in ardour.bak with the 
text in the main file, but it makes no difference. 

thanks in advance,


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