[Ardour-Users] recent changes in branches/2.0-ongoing

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Aug 17 15:08:07 PDT 2007

I've been busy with work related to the SAE version of Ardour, which has
resulted in a few new features, most of them minor.

   * mouse audition mode now does something vaguely related to scrubbing
      if you drag with button1 held down. Improvements will be
      forthcoming here.
   * the range selection context menu has been cleaned up and no longer
      shows items pertaining to the whole track

   * the new audio setup dialog is now functional, usable, and retains
      its state across invocations of ardour

   * you can convert a range selection to the loop or punch range

   * scons now has the GTKOSX=1 flag to build ardour against the
      native GTK-quartz system. See


      for more details, and in particular, build instructions.

   * with GTKOSX=1, drag-n-drop on OS X now works. With GTK
      as built by the jhbuild system, you can only do 
      single file DnD. I have a fix for that, which will
      show up in a test DMG in the next few days.

   * the options window has been renamed "Preferences"

If you want to see what the SAE looks like (the changes are very subtle
for the most part), set the ARDOUR_SAE environment variable before
starting Ardour from the command line.

I will probably do a new release with these and other minor changes in
the next few days.


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