[Ardour-Users] Jack problems in Fiesty PPC (Nicola Mattei)

jk at jasonkahn.net jk at jasonkahn.net
Thu Aug 16 10:52:26 PDT 2007

> Only as a temporary workaround I've found out that downgrading to
> jack-0.101.1 did the trick. It works as expected with alsa, but
> ardour-2.0.5 doesn't compile with it. Instead ardour-2.0.2 does, so,
> for the moment, if you need a working jack and ardour2 on linuxPPC
> just try this, jack0.101 with ardour 2.0.2. Probably some code changed
> between 0.101.1 and 0.102.20 is causing this misbehaviour.
> Peace,
> Nicola

i downgraded my kernel to 2.6.17-12-powerpc and now jack (and also the 
powermac snapper) work.
the only problem: jack doesn´t work with alsa. i have to run everything 
with oss.my frame rate is also really high: 2048; otherwise, i get lots 
of dropouts and clicks.

i will try the workaround of downgrading to jack-0.101.1


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