[Ardour-Users] Struggling to do anything at all

Steven Chamberlain steven at pyro.eu.org
Sat Aug 4 06:39:19 PDT 2007

> Andrew Johnston wrote:
>> All that said, I would actually like to see a feature freeze for a
>> while, until every single bug has been sorted.

Hmmm yeah, I'd like that too, but for many people Ardour seems stable
and they would probably disagree with us.

Giso Grimm wrote:
> I would go for vertical zooming of the displayed waveform data.
> Frequently I do have to work with audio with a huge dynamic range,

> If I missed an existing feature please let me know!

I only recently noticed that you could change waveform display from
linear, the default, to logarithmic which is what I prefer.  Have you
found/tried that?  (click the 'v' button for the track)

Steven Chamberlain
steven at pyro.eu.org

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