[ardour-users] ardour 2 build for mac os x

Nicola Mattei foxdalailama at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 12:39:01 PDT 2006

2006/9/18, Sciss <contact at sciss.de>:
> thanks nicola (i should have asked before would have saved my efforts
you're welcome
> to get it compiled ;-)
> so just quickly my first impressions:
> i have been playing a little with ardour 1 before, and i must say,
> ardour 2 really feels good (after my initial shock of seeing X11
> being started), also it feels much more responsive. i like the
> combination of features from protools and logic whose mutual lack
> made me hate both of them (protools for not being able to display
> more than one automation track, for not allowing interleaved
> multichannel files, for being tied to expensive hardware; logic for
> being unable to have timeline displayed in hh:mm:ss and requiring
> that horrible beats-and-bars grid snapping, for a quite bad surround
> mixer).
> seems it's a wise decision to not upgrade my logic pro 6 any
> further ;-))
great decision!
> i will be doing my next tape piece with ardour for sure. thanks for
> making this!
Great, but be careful, ardour2 is still in a beta stage of
development, so I think you
should wait for a stable release before using it in a production environment.
But don't worry, it seems that such release will arrive soon.
> greets, -sciss-

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