[ardour-users] Intel EM64T and Ardour+VST

George Chan george at goodmusic.ca
Thu Sep 7 09:56:29 PDT 2006

Hi Thomas,

You said that you had SMP enabled, 
but on a single core processor... is that correct?

I never had a problem on a single CPU machine.

Just out of curiousity, what kind of drives are you using and on what


On Wed, 2006-09-06 at 23:10 -0700, Thomas Vecchione wrote:
> Ok I am a bit late to the conversation...
> Re: RME 9632 in 64 Bit...
> Got one myself, latency <3mS without a problem on my last 64 Bit 
> install, currently in the middle of rebuilding the box from scratch, but 
> I will post up results if they are desired.  Both kernels have had SMP 
> enabled as I am planning on upgrading my box with twin dual cores 
> instead of the current single processor in it(Same hardware otherwise, 
> and adding another 3 gigs of memory to the already existing 1 gig)
> Re: 32Bit Chroot...
> I am wondering if communication between apps is possible.  For instance, 
> I am going to be ordering the recent version of Kontakt soon and would 
> love to be able to use it on my Linux box, I have an iMac that when not 
> running a show off it I could do this via Midi, running out the RME 
> Midi, to the iMac w/ MAudio 410 or whatever interface I have on there 
> then, and out the audio or ADAT preferably(MAudio's new lightpipe only 
> interface looking mighty tempting for this) to the RME, but I would 
> rather avoid that if I can.  Obviously I could do things 32 Bit, but 
> would rather keep as much as possible 64 bit, so I was wondering what 
> people might try or what wont work for communication if I set up a 32 
> Bit chroot.
> I was thinking possibly running a Jack server there, where the audio 
> outputs got routed to the 64 Bit environment somehow, but wasn't sure if 
> that was possible.  My first thought of course would be to use netjack 
> and the loopback interface, but not completely sure how to pull that off 
> if it is indeed possible and would love recommendations on that, or 
> other things to look at possibly... a dummy driver that could route to 
> the 64 Bit environment even possible(Probably not written yes I realize 
> this, but possible is more important to me at the moment;)
>        Seablade

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