[ardour-users] Intel EM64T and Ardour+VST

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 08:12:09 PDT 2006

Resent as I forgot to do a reply-to-all....

Ok I am a bit late to the conversation...

Re: RME 9632 in 64 Bit...

Got one myself, latency <3mS without a problem on my last 64 Bit
install, currently in the middle of rebuilding the box from scratch, but
I will post up results if they are desired.  Both kernels have had SMP
enabled as I am planning on upgrading my box with twin dual cores
instead of the current single processor in it(Same hardware otherwise,
and adding another 3 gigs of memory to the already existing 1 gig)

Re: 32Bit Chroot...

I am wondering if communication between apps is possible.  For instance,
I am going to be ordering the recent version of Kontakt soon and would
love to be able to use it on my Linux box, I have an iMac that when not
running a show off it I could do this via Midi, running out the RME
Midi, to the iMac w/ MAudio 410 or whatever interface I have on there
then, and out the audio or ADAT preferably(MAudio's new lightpipe only
interface looking mighty tempting for this) to the RME, but I would
rather avoid that if I can.  Obviously I could do things 32 Bit, but
would rather keep as much as possible 64 bit, so I was wondering what
people might try or what wont work for communication if I set up a 32
Bit chroot.

I was thinking possibly running a Jack server there, where the audio
outputs got routed to the 64 Bit environment somehow, but wasn't sure if
that was possible.  My first thought of course would be to use netjack
and the loopback interface, but not completely sure how to pull that off
if it is indeed possible and would love recommendations on that, or
other things to look at possibly... a dummy driver that could route to
the 64 Bit environment even possible(Probably not written yes I realize
this, but possible is more important to me at the moment;)


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