[ardour-users] Corrupt Session file

Ken Smith kens at kensnet.org
Sat Nov 25 14:33:22 PST 2006

Ken Smith wrote:

>Is it possible to recover a corrupt session file. I have been 
>investigating a  denormal problem with the TAP reverb on my CCRMA FC5 
>SMP P4 system by trying to use the TAP reverb editor externally via JACK 
>instead of the normal LADSPA plugin method and unfortunately Ardour 
>crashed (or something else made Ardour quit) and it seems to have taken 
>the .xml session file with it. When I open it now all the routing and 
>plugins are missing. Looking inside the .xml file the raw data seems to 
>be there but there must be some inconsistency in the syntax because 
>Ardour does not re-establish the routing and plugins on opening the 
>project. Thankfully the audio tracks and the automation files are still 
>in the file system so recovery can be done. Is there some type of syntax 
>validator for an Ardour .xml file? I'm really glad I was experimenting 
>and this wasn't in the middle of a live session, that would have been 
>very frustrating.
>Thanks in advance for any recovery suggestions.
I've posted the corrupt file at www.kensnet.org/test.ardour for anyone 
who's interested.... Ken

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