[ardour-users] Corrupt Session file

Ken Smith kens at kensnet.org
Sat Nov 25 14:03:57 PST 2006

Is it possible to recover a corrupt session file. I have been 
investigating a  denormal problem with the TAP reverb on my CCRMA FC5 
SMP P4 system by trying to use the TAP reverb editor externally via JACK 
instead of the normal LADSPA plugin method and unfortunately Ardour 
crashed (or something else made Ardour quit) and it seems to have taken 
the .xml session file with it. When I open it now all the routing and 
plugins are missing. Looking inside the .xml file the raw data seems to 
be there but there must be some inconsistency in the syntax because 
Ardour does not re-establish the routing and plugins on opening the 
project. Thankfully the audio tracks and the automation files are still 
in the file system so recovery can be done. Is there some type of syntax 
validator for an Ardour .xml file? I'm really glad I was experimenting 
and this wasn't in the middle of a live session, that would have been 
very frustrating.

Thanks in advance for any recovery suggestions.


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