[ardour-users] Apogee Symphony support and other questions

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 09:48:59 PST 2006

Apologies for digging up an old thread, but it had something I was 
interested in in it....

>> Also, as Ardour is now affiliated with SSL will we be seeing any
>> > products like Waves SSL 400/ Duende anytime soon for this platform.
> This has not been discussed. SSL is currently committed to the Duende as
> a hardware platform since it creates a viable business model for
> proprietary plugins/processing algorithms. We do hope that you will be
> able to run Duende inside Ardour as a VST plugin, just as happens with
> other DAWs.

The latter quote was from Paul, I was wondering if the Duende would even 
run in Linux?  I was under the impression it required a specialized 
driver, and if SSL had any plan on releasing said driver for linux, or 
if you even knew Paul(Or Anyone)?  Personally I had been looking at it, 
but seeing as my primary audio workstation, where I would use it, is 
Linux it doesn't do me a lot of good if I can't get drivers for it.

Once the drivers exist I would have no problem running it as a VST in 
the same way I run anything else(FST) as long as it would do so, but the 
need for drivers for the hardware does concern me in as far as whether 
or not it would be capable.


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