[ardour-users] Any friendly Ardour users in the UK (pref. near Manchester) ?

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Nov 13 10:50:36 PST 2006

I was just wondering if there were any Ardour users in the UK who are
experienced enough to give me a short demo of Ardour?

I’m thinking about developing some software features for Ardour (AAF or OMF
support, which I’m widely experienced at).  However, I’m not yet in a
position to build myself an Ardour setup.  Ideally though, I’d like to have
at least some familiarity with Ardour before I start – really just to remove
some of the mystery, so I’ve got a better idea of what I’m dealing with.
The other developers have already been immensely helpful but there’s no
substitute for actually seeing something up close and watching it in action.

>From the dev group, I’ve already gathered that there are no developers still
active in the UK but presumably there must be a few users over here.  Would
anyone be willing to spend an hour or so just giving me a short "guided
tour" around the basics of Ardour?  As someone who comes purely from a
Windows background, there are many aspects of both Ardour & Linux that are
very unfamiliar to me – and naturally, I don’t want to start programming on
the basis of misapprehensions!

I’m based in Manchester but willing to drive a reasonable distance.  Thanks.

John Emmas 

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