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Andrew Johnston andyandtaya at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 03:17:03 PST 2006

Well I got my new cables and they do indeed control my DDX3216.  It is
nowhere near as configurable as the BCF2000, so far I have my faders and my
pan pots controlled fine, but I can't get my mute/solo controls working.
The cause is because ardour issues a control change, and for some reason
Behringer has the mute/solo set as a program change (I think).  I can't
adjust it though, like you can on a BCF2000.  But I'm not too fussed.  What
I have got going is pretty good.  One question I wonder about though is that
I would have thought that the controls were all using Midi System Exclusive
data, but it seems that this isn't the case.  Unless I switch on program and
control change options on the mixer, I get no response.  So what is the Midi
SysEx stuff for?
Anyway, thought it might be worth noting that it can be done.
Happy control surface hunting!

On 3/22/06, Andrew Johnston <andyandtaya at gmail.com> wrote:
> There are a couple of options.  The Behringer BCF2000 and BCR2000 are good
> choices for control surface only, however if you wanted to have the choice
> of a unit that actually has preamps as well you could opt for something like
> I have which is the Behringer DDX3216.  I haven't actually had the time to
> setup and verify that the control surface interfaces with ardour, however
> I looked into it and I'm pretty sure it uses the same midi machine controlprotocols as the BCF2000.  This option gives you analog/digital and
> control surface all in one!  The one drawback is that it's sample rate is
> only 48000 Hz so if you are going to wanting to go to 96 KHz or more than it
> may not be the best.  Still, I'm not sure if you'll get an analog mixer with
> automated faders and mmc anywhere else, never mind for the price of a
> DDX3216.  I will be getting some midi cables this week and I will seek to
> let you know how it goes with controlling ardour.
> Cheers,
> Andy J
> On 3/22/06, Christopher Boggs <c.boggs at gmail.com> wrote:
> >  OK, still trying to get together specs for my live digital recording
> > setup... I've got most of the hardware I need figured out, but I'm still
> > stuck on choosing a control surface.  I'm going to be recording live shows
> > so I'd like to have some type of physical control surface other than a
> > mouse/trackball and keyboard.
> >
> > I did glance through the archives, but didn't find anything so I hope
> > I'm not repeating this question, but here goes.
> >
> > If you are using an external control surface, what do you use?  An
> > analog mixer with sends to the converters?  Or a midi control surface
> > controlling Ardour directly?  Is the midi scenario even possible or has it
> > been done by anyone on the list?
> >
> > I've read up a bit on the midi controllers, and that would be pretty
> > cool to get it one working with Ardour, but the analog board opens up more
> > hardware monitoring possiblities and also could act as an emergency backup
> > incase of a problem with the digital setup...
> >
> > Please advise! TIA.
> >
> > Chris
> >
> >
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