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Paul Winkler pw_lists at slinkp.com
Fri Mar 17 08:16:00 PST 2006

On Fri, Mar 17, 2006 at 07:35:29AM -0800, Mark Knecht wrote:
> On 3/17/06, Mark Knecht <markknecht at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 3/17/06, Andrew Johnston <andyandtaya at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > Hi Mark,
> > >  I'm having trouble with the gentoo ebuild of the caps plugin.  It seems to
> > > compile okay and merge okay, however it only puts one file (caps.so) into
> > > the /usr/bin/ladspa directory.  When I browse for them in ardour there is
> > > nothing there for caps.  I have noticed that the other plugin ebuilds i've
> > > merged have an 'fdr' file in /usr/share/ladspa/fdr,

rdf, but yeah, caps doesn't have one of those.

> > >  but there is no caps
> > > file there.  Have you succesfully got caps-plugin working? Do you know of
> > > this issue and any workaround?

it Just Works for me.

btw, for a lot of audio stuff, I use the "unstable" packages.
I find that the more I care about something, the more likely I am to
emerge it with an unstable keyword :-)
For example, since I run on an x86 platform, I have these lines in

media-plugins/caps-plugins ~x86
media-plugins/swh-plugins ~x86
media-plugins/blop ~x86
media-plugins/fil-plugins ~x86
media-plugins/mcp-plugins ~x86
media-plugins/rev-plugins ~x86
media-plugins/tap-plugins ~x86

So, when I emerge caps-plugins, I get version 0.3.0 instead of the
"stable" 0.2.1.

And for swh-plugins, I get version 0.4.14 instead of the "stable"

Try running "listplugins" and see what it says.
I get all these plugins from that one .so:

pw at kermit ~ $ listplugins  | grep -i caps
        CAPS: Eq - 10-band 'analogue' equalizer (1773/Eq)
        CAPS: Compress - Mono compressor (1772/Compress)
        CAPS: Pan - Pan and width (1788/Pan)
        CAPS: PreampIII - Tube preamp emulation (1776/PreampIII)
        CAPS: PreampIV - Tube preamp emulation + tone controls
        CAPS: AmpIII - Tube amp emulation (1786/AmpIII)
        CAPS: AmpIV - Tube amp emulation + tone controls (1794/AmpIV)
        CAPS: AmpV - Refined tube amp emulation (2587/AmpV)
        CAPS: CabinetI - Loudspeaker cabinet emulation (1766/CabinetI)
        CAPS: CabinetII - Refined loudspeaker cabinet emulation
(2581/CabinetII)        CAPS: Clip - Hard clipper, 8x oversampled
        CAPS: ChorusI - Mono chorus/flanger (1767/ChorusI)
        CAPS: StereoChorusI - Stereo chorus/flanger (1768/StereoChorusI)
        CAPS: ChorusII - Mono chorus/flanger modulated by a fractal
        CAPS: StereoChorusII - Stereo chorus/flanger modulated by a
fractal (2584/StereoChorusII)
        CAPS: PhaserI - Mono phaser (1775/PhaserI)
        CAPS: PhaserII - Mono phaser modulated by a Lorenz fractal
        CAPS: SweepVFI - Resonant filter, f swept by a Lorenz fractal
        CAPS: SweepVFII - Resonant filter, f and Q swept by a Lorenz
fractal (2582/SweepVFII)
        CAPS: Scape - Stereo delay + Filters (2588/Scape)
        CAPS: VCOs - Virtual 'analogue' oscillator (1783/VCOs)
        CAPS: VCOd - Double VCO with detune and hard sync options
        CAPS: CEO - Chief Executive Oscillator (1770/CEO)
        CAPS: Sin - Sine wave generator (1781/Sin)
        CAPS: White - White noise generator (1785/White)
        CAPS: Lorenz - The sound of a Lorenz attractor (1774/Lorenz)
        CAPS: Roessler - The sound of a Roessler attractor
        CAPS: JVRev - Stanford-style reverb from STK (1778/JVRev)
        CAPS: Plate - Versatile plate reverb (1779/Plate)
        CAPS: Plate2x2 - Versatile plate reverb, stereo inputs
        CAPS: Click - Metronome (1769/Click)
        CAPS: Dirac - One-sample impulse generator (2585/Dirac)
        CAPS: HRTF - Head-related transfer function at elevation 0


Paul Winkler

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