[ardour-users] [Jackit-devel] Sends in Ardour, ports in Jack

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Sun Mar 12 05:16:14 PST 2006

"audio lathe" <audiolathe at gmail.com>:

> When I set up a pre-fader send to a buss it will play fine
> and I can hear the effect, I record enable Audio12, but
> when I press master record and play, and start the
> transport, the busses go silent and are not included in the
> recording. I've tested this by selecting two tracks only

Check "Run plugins while recording" in Options' Misc tab. One 
is tempted to think that this is about saving cpu cycles when 
recording. But that is merely a side-effect.

The more prominent issue this option adresses is latency 
introduced by redirects (like ladspa plugins or sends or 
inserts) and the fact that Ardour deals with that whenever 
you roll transport (Try out the ladspa plugin "Artificial 
Latency" to get a working example). The option lets you 
control whether you want that in your possibly very specific 
recording and monitoring setup.

Well, having the option checked is probably good for 99% of 
us. But ... :)


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