[ardour-users] Export Question

Maluvia terakuma at imbris.net
Wed Mar 8 16:46:38 PST 2006

On 3/8/06 at 6:19 PM Jesse Chappell wrote:

>You need to describe your session more precisely, and tell us
>*exactly* what you did (to the level of GUI operations) when you tried
>both of these exports.  Then we can help you...

Extremely simple:

We just used three 192/24 tracks (2 guitar, 1 drum), 
(Track faders: -1.2, -3.0 and -4.3 dbfs respectively.)
Clicked 'export session to audiofile', selected the desired resolution
(stereo 192/24) and file type (.wav) for the destination file,
(little-endian), sent out1 for each track to go to L and out2 to go to R in
the dialog check boxes, then clicked 'export'.
(The first few times we tried this we got nothing but silent tracks because
we didn't have the sync option set to 'sync to Jack'.)

The second method involved creating a master bus, sending the outs for each
track to the ins of the bus, taking the bus level down to where the
playback levels in the hdspmixer showed absolutely no clips whatsoever and
then proceeding with the export w/ bus out1 -> L, out2 -> R.

The main issue here is that the exported file, without the bus attenuation,
had playback levels that were ~12-14db higher than the playback levels of
just the plain tracks in the session.
We don't understand why this should be the case.

(The resulting files were imported using the 'embed as new track'

- M

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