[ardour-users] Export Question

Maluvia terakuma at imbris.net
Wed Mar 8 13:53:06 PST 2006

We finally got around to testing out the export function on Ardour
yesterday and it did not go well.

Initially, the exported .wav file had much higher levels than the original
tracks in the session - clipping like crazy.
We finally put all the tracks through a master bus and took the level down
This gave us an exported file which was no longer clipping, but the sound
was degraded - everything sounded really muted, and there seemed to be a
lot of loss in the higher frequency ranges - reverb really dried out.
(This was without any down-sampling whatsoever - we just took a session
recorded at 192/24 and exported it to a stereo .wav file at the same

Just wondering if there is something really basic we might be doing wrong
(Ardour version 0.99.1, Jack 0.100.7 )


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