[ardour-users] what does DESTROY really do here?

David Slimp rock808 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 16:51:21 PST 2006


Thanks for the reply, but I think I may have not made it clear
as to what I want...

I have just recorded a single audio file
which has silence at the beginning and the end which I
want to trim off (DESTROY), only keeping the middle part.

I think you got the impression I wanted to keep the beginning
and then end.... and get rid of the middle.

Ultimately.. my question is:
     Is it possible to DESTROY the trimmed off regions of
an audio file so they no longer take up disk space?

If that is not possible, then perhaps it could be achieved
through exporting, bouncing, or something similar, but
that seems like a lot of extra steps.  It seems that many
artists would have a need for trimming off some "lead in"
and "lead out" audio from a freshly recorded bit of audio,
and so I thought there MUST be an easier way to do this
than to trim out a region and bounce it.  Also, it doesn't
sound like bouncing would be lossless from the original
bit of audio, but rather that some other processing would
(might) also be applied (which I don't want to happen).

Does that better explain my question?


On 1/28/06, Tim Mayberry <tmayberr at redhat.com> wrote:
> > Removing a section of audio from an audio file like you describe is a
> > little tricky as there are at least three ways I can think of doing what
> > you want and that is either to create a new file that contains the end
> > section and truncate the first somehow, create just one new file and
> > copy the bits you want to keep from both sections of the original file
> > that you want to keep and then change modify the audio regions to
> > reflect positions of the audio within that new file or probably what is
> > the easiest thing which is just create two new files containing the
> > regions you want to keep and delete the original file.
> >
> > There is also the possibility of removing sections of the audio file in
> > place so that no new files need to be created but I'm not sure how to do
> > that.
> >
> > The last method might be possible at the moment in ardour, I'm on the
> > wrong machine to test this out though so I can't tell you if it does.
> Sorry, I meant the method that might be possible currently in ardour is
> the create two new files and mark the original for deletion method and
> not the in-place destructive method.
> Tim.

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