[ardour-users] what does DESTORY really do here?

Tim Mayberry tmayberr at redhat.com
Sat Jan 28 16:37:08 PST 2006

> Removing a section of audio from an audio file like you describe is a
> little tricky as there are at least three ways I can think of doing what
> you want and that is either to create a new file that contains the end
> section and truncate the first somehow, create just one new file and
> copy the bits you want to keep from both sections of the original file
> that you want to keep and then change modify the audio regions to
> reflect positions of the audio within that new file or probably what is
> the easiest thing which is just create two new files containing the
> regions you want to keep and delete the original file.
> There is also the possibility of removing sections of the audio file in
> place so that no new files need to be created but I'm not sure how to do
> that.
> The last method might be possible at the moment in ardour, I'm on the
> wrong machine to test this out though so I can't tell you if it does.

Sorry, I meant the method that might be possible currently in ardour is
the create two new files and mark the original for deletion method and
not the in-place destructive method.


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